Mini 4K Video Game Console Dual Players and 1700 NES Games


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We think that mini-game consoles are now the mainstream. Small and compact, you can put it in your school bag or backpack, bring your favorite game console and play classic games with your friends or family. Reminisce of childhood happiness, forget the troubles of life and work, I think this game console can satisfy you Requirements! Remember, this product is a great choice for good friends!

Features of the Y2 All versions

Note: Only Y2S HD/Y2S HD PLUS Support Save Game Progress!

Quit the game:
HDMI version:
Use the “1” joystick to press [SELECT+START] at the same time and hold 2s.
AV OUT version:
Use the “1” joystick to press [B+START] at the same time and hold 2s.

Suitable for two ways of use

Y2HD and Y2S HD Plus game consoles support 4k HD output. More importantly, both of them support home projector output! No longer have to worry about the TV at home that cannot support 4K HD output and miss the game. As long as you have a projector device, the projector has an HD output interface, without any settings and operations, plug and play! You can enjoy a happy playing time. Our game console supports a variety of ways to use, happy to follow you!

Plug and Play,Build-in 1700 Games for NES

In order to reduce the troublesome operation of our game console, this plug-and-play game console is specially designed for you. You only need to plug the console of the game console into the HD output interface of the TV, and you can play immediately game! Simple operation without any complicated use process! !

Y2S HD PLUS is an upgraded version of Y2 HD. We have added more than 1700 NES games. If you don’t like our built-in NES games, you can download your favorite NES games yourself! Most importantly, we have brought more benefits to Russian friends. We reused another TF card and added 500+ Russian games for you!

Y2 HD、Y2 HD PLUS、Y2S HD and Y2S HD Plus Game Page Display

1.Y2 HD PLUS, plug and play, just use the P1 gamepad to directly choose your favorite game.

2.Y2 HD, plug and play, the game is divided into 6 modules, each game module corresponds to a different number of games, only need to use the P1 gamepad to select the corresponding module to enter the game.

Y2S HD Plus Game Page Display

The game interface has also been upgraded in all aspects, press “Select” + “Start”, the system will take you back to the game menu

1.You can freely choose whether to stretch the picture to fit the full screen or keep the original picture

2.Game Console Support PAL and NTSC TV

3.Support for saving the game instantly to prevent the game from needing to restart

How to download more games?

Download game URL:
STEP1:Download“rom”of NES game.
STEP2:Put“rom”into TF card.
STEP3:Found in the game list.
STEP4:Play it!!

Power Saving

This controller is required two AAA batteries ,and low power infrared connection , but for transportation reasons, our products do not include batteries,Customers need to buy at a local store.

Packing List:

2 * Controller (Not including batteries)
1 * Game Stick
1 * Charging Cable
1 * Manual

Y2HD Plus 1462:

1* TF card(1462 Games)
Regular version and no card reader.
You can download your favorite NES games!

Y2HD Plus 1984:

1* TF card(1462 Games)
1* TF card(522 RU Games)
1* Card reader
You can download your favorite NES games!

4K Wireless Retro Game Controller Supports HD OUT

Wireless game controller have soft lines, simple and generous design . Support one or double player, doubles game to make you more enjoyable with your familiers or friends

Plug and Play

Data Frog have developed a game console for you that does not require any driver to be installed automatically. Just plug the game console into the TV’s USB port and use the TV. The remote control sets the corresponding channel and you can start playing the game! Very simple and easy to operate!

Note: If you plug the game console into the TV usb interface and find that there is no reaction, we have tested and we can conclude that the voltage may not be the same due to the voltage difference in each country. The solution we give is not to plug the game console directly into the TV. You can try to connect the power outlet with mobile phone’s adapter(electric current 1A),don’t use TV as the power source.Please don’t worry, this is only a small number of customers can not use, most of the customers can operate normally!

Build-in 750+ NES Games

This black video game controller supporting HDMI output, due to technical and chip requirements, we can only add 750+ NES classic games for you! Solve the problem of the first generation of game consoles repeating the game, don’t worry about losing your game mood because of many repeated games. If you feel that repeated games are bothering you, be sure to choose it!


For those who are new to the classic game console. This is an 8-bit HDMI HD game console with simple controls and picture quality will not be as crisp as todays games, you may not get used to it. Many classic games are still fun and very challenging.


Dear friends! Since this product is developed by ourselves, the original game console is inserted into the TV to display the green light. Now we have replaced the light to red, which will not affect the normal use! Please rest assured to buy!

Power Saver

Low power infrared connection! This controller requires two AAA batteries.

Packing List:

2 * Controller (Optional with battery)
1 * Game Stick
1 * Charging Cable

Built in 600 Games

Build-in 600 different classic games and give you a better gaming experience.

Support AV Output

Supports AV output and the wireless functions that can be played within 10 meters.

Packing List:

2*Wireless Controller
1*Game stick
1*AV Cable



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